Transcelerator is currently only available for Windows.*

Transcelerator requires Paratext or later. Beginning with version 1.2.6, Transcelerator requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1. If you cannot upgrade to .Net 4.6.1. and need a version of the Transcelerator installer that will install for use with Paratext 8, please contact us.

The installer for Transcelerator requires administrator rights. Once it is installed, any authorized Paratext user can use it.

The installed size of Transcelerator is less than 90 MB. The size of data will vary by project, but if all factory-supplied questions are translated for the whole Bible, it’s unlikely to take more than a few MB. Likewise, the memory (RAM) requirements for Transcelerator will vary by project, but will probably not exceed a few hundred MB. Transcelerator is fairly processor-intensive, so if you have a slower machine, expect it to be a little sluggish, especially during start-up.

*Some work has been done to make it available for Linux. If you are interested in using it with the Linux version of Paratext, please contact us.