Feature Summary

  • Textual filtering
  • Scripture passage filtering
  • Filtering based on whether or not biblical terms have renderings (i.e., vernacular equivalents)
  • Rules to improve the initial reliability of the translation of repeated phrases that make up parts of questions.
  • Rules to help in the automatic selection of the best rendering of key terms which have multiple renderings in the target language.
  • Generation of (printable) HTML checking script by retrieving Scripture portions from Paratext and interleaving them with the relevant questions.
  • Option to automatically generate a file compatible with Scripture Forge.
  • Ability to customize (add, edit, delete) list of questions

Old and New Testaments

Transcelerator includes questions for all the New Testament and Old Testament books. Though the Old Testament books are not as thorough as the questions for Genesis and the New Testament, and were not written explicitly for the purpose of comprehension checking, they may still serve as a helpful starting place. We would welcome any contributions of additional questions.