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To get help on setting up Transcelerator, see the Tutorial.

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Support from other software users may be available through the SIL Language Software Community. This community will be growing to become the major source of software support.

Help! I think I lost my data

First, don’t panic. You probably didn’t lose anything. Most likely, you were looking at a different book in Paratext when you started up Transcelerator. By default, Transcelerator filters to show the questions for the current book. So if you’ve been working in a different book, that can give the appearance that your questions are gone if you don’t happen to notice how the questions are filtered. Transcelerator data is transmitted when you use the Send/Receive feature in Paratext, so even if something really bad happened, there’s a good chance your Transcelerator data could be recovered if you have sent your data up to the server recently. If you do need help, you’ve come to the right place.

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