Andika is a sans serif, Unicode-compliant font designed especially for literacy use, taking into account the needs of beginning readers. The focus is on clear, easy-to-perceive letterforms that will not be readily confused with one another.

A sans serif font is preferred by some literacy personnel for teaching people to read. Its forms are simpler and less cluttered than those of most serif fonts. For years, literacy workers have had to make do with fonts that were not really suitable for beginning readers and writers. In some cases, literacy specialists have had to tediously assemble letters from a variety of fonts in order to get all of the characters they need for their particular language project, resulting in confusing and unattractive publications. Andika addresses those issues.

One font from this typeface family is included in the Andika release:

  • Andika Regular

Four fonts are included in the Andika New Basic release:

  • Andika New Basic Regular
  • Andika New Basic Bold
  • Andika New Basic Italic
  • Andika New Basic Bold Italic

Type Samples

For a complete list of characters included in Andika, see Character Set Support.

Type samples showing an inventory of some of the unusual of glyphs and features can be downloaded here: Andika Type Sample.

A sample from one page is shown below.

Andika Sample - Precomposed Latin Diacritics
Andika Sample – Precomposed Latin Diacritics

SIL International is the creator of the Andika fonts, and is the owner of all proprietary rights therein.