The SIL Transcriber Alpha 2 allows an individual or team to transcribe and upload multiple tasks from multiple projects to Paratext or other applications.

The program has been localized into 9 languages. When the administrator first runs the program and chooses a language, this language becomes the default (which can be changed) for each other user of the program. (The Download page contains a PDF with a more detailed descriptions of getting setup and using the program: connecting up the foot pedal, etc.) There is a separate document describing the steps for connecting the foot pedal to the program.

The Admin use can point at the image and left click to get to the project settings screen or they can point at the skewer in the upper right corner of the project image and right click to change the project image or create a new project.

The Roadmap is given on the developer page on this site. We plan to do a release every couple of weeks between now and the end of the year.

The discourse site is available for users to propose feature improvements or receive help from other users or the development team.

Known issues

  • If tasks created are not associated with Paratext, custom references that don’t look like Scripture ranges are currently not being saved.
  • Ending the transcription with a space ensures the last word is saved. Normally the transcription and position is saved when the user closes the program even if the transcription has not been submitted for review.
  • The duration of the task isn’t current shown until the task is assigned to the transcriber.
  • If a save button is shown on a screen, the save button should be used to save changes. If not shown, changes are saved automatically.