Release Announcement – November 2023

The latest release (2.16.8) focused on addressing user-reported issues and adding new features. The biggest user pain point was that content created on the desktop or web didn’t sync to the other platform without reloading the content on that platform completely. To address this, we added a new syncing check that runs a checksum on the data and sends it if the checksums don’t match.

We added a Chinese localization.

We also allowed users to make any chosen version the latest version. Previously, the audio would need to be saved and reloaded. Now, the Versions dialog allows the user to pick any version which becomes the latest. This allows all the discussions and back translation content of that version to be visible in the work flow steps again.

We fixed the back translation steps so that if a user specifies a right-to-left language for that step, then the transcriber will be put in the right-to-left transcription mode. Additionally, we added an option for a user to change the size settings on the Transcribe step since fonts for some languages need to be enlarged. Please note that settings made on the Transcribe steps are not retained and if the project would like a larger font used all the time, which should be set on the Project Settings dialog as before.

Previously, the transcription step required the user to submit two times, once for the transcriber and once for the editor. Now, it only requires one submission. If you want an editor to review the transcription, you should add another Transcribe step to the work flow that immediately follows the first one. That one will be called something like Review Transcription. The Transcribe tool, and the Paratext Sync tool also will mark the step complete when the Submit or Sync button is clicked.

If a book is split across multiple projects (because it is large), the re-sequence process will start with the sequence number of the lowest section instead of starting with 1.

Users are now allowed to remove themselves from a team. This allows a consultant or trainer to be added to a team to help out and then they can remove themselves so they don’t have to remain a member of every team they have ever helped 🙂

A few of the fixes are: when a user logs out and comes back, Audio Project Manager goes back to the same place where the user was working (deep linking). (Also deep linking allows the URL to be sent to a friend in the same project and they can click it to jump to that location in the project.) A fix for saving terms when the user only entered text and didn’t record an audio file. A fix around going to the user profile page and canceling out brings the user back to where they started from.

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Here is a detailed list of all the changes.

  • TT-1611 Fix deep link (#1385)

  • TT-4800 All can choose version (#1377)

  • TT-4800 Allow any version to be latest (#1346)

  • TT-5243 only use remote records to calc checksum (#1355)

  • TT-5256 find correct version number (#1298)

  • TT-5257 suppress no localization warning (#1299)

  • TT-5268 Missing Work flow (#1342)

  • TT-5275 Saving Term Text (#1362)

  • TT-5290 brute force sync (#1330)

  • TT-5316 Fix Auto match (#1324)

  • TT-5349 My Account cancel (#1326)

  • TT-5349 My Account stay on team screen (#1328)

  • TT-5357 Fix step complete (#1350)

  • TT-5361 set the current segment to the entire recording if there are no segments (#1340)

  • TT-5399 Set current segment when allowSegment changes (#1344)

  • TT-5400 check regions…ignore other stuff in the segments and handle removed segments (#1347)

  • TT-5403 Shorten transitions (#1352)

  • TT-5405 check for segment after load (#1360)

  • TT-5406 re-sequence from min number not always from 1 (#1361)

  • TT-5407 undefined while reading family name when creating new user (#1353)

  • TT-5407 off line user has no attributes? (#1358)

  • TT-5408 Use transcriber step language (#1356)

  • TT-5411 update date-updated and last-modified-by when updating version (#1357)

  • TT-5421 Separate Transcribe and checking (#1364)

  • TT-5422 Compile Chinese Interface

  • TT-5424 Allow user to remove themselves from a team (#1365)

  • TT-5425 Save Text only (#1368)

  • TT-5427 If we don’t have a plan, leave it blank (#1369)

  • TT-5429 don’t allow only admin to delete himself, but allow to delete others

  • TT-5430 Editor settings on Transcriber (#1386)

  • TT-5432 Handle Reopen & Reject (#1375)

  • TT-5433 Submit Transcriptions without confirmation (#1374)

  • TT-5436 Customize names with artifact and language (#1376)

  • TT-5437 Review General Projects

  • TT-5438 Restore segments on Reopen (#1384)

  • TT-5438 change save tooltip

  • TT-5438 reload player media on Transcriber save (#1383)

  • TT-5441 don’t mangle the transcribe names again on saving (#1381)

  • TT-5442 Two review steps (#1378)

  • TT-5444 parse the settings before checking artifactid (#1380)

  • TT-5447 don’t create personal if we’re offline but not offlineOnly (#1382)

  • TT-5449 Segment for topic is less than whole (#1388)

  • TT-5450 Don’t add discussions if no media

  • TT-5450 No discussion on PBT without recording