The SIL Transcriber development team is pleased to announce the Winter 2020 release. The goal of this release was to change the Desktop Extension into a Desktop App. The idea is that users should not need to use the web app and the desktop app but can just use the desktop app for creating projects and teams. Then they can go offline and work with the same app. Then when they are ready they can go online and sync the work with the online project using the desktop app. These changes are available on the full-featured web edition and the desktop app.

This is a detailed list of the changes and bug fixes:

  • TT-1738 Adjust browser back again (#686)
  • decode URI for local name (#683)
    handle fetch audio URL where file is not available off line
  • update the version number when attaching to passage (#681)
  • TT-1866 Load Project on deep link (#680)
  • TT-1870 get latest version based on passage or plan+name if not associated (#678)
  • TT-1841 Report off line status (#676)
  • TT-1790 use the local path when available (#675)
    copy uploaded files to the local path if electron
  • TT-1827 Confirm Go On line (#674)
  • TT-1858 On Report an issue, show message if off line (#671)
    if on line with Electron, launch in browser
  • handle case where both errors and change report come from syncing local changes (#669)
    handle multiple change reports
  • TT-1827 Add Abort Go On line menu item (#666)
  • TT-1856 when on line use on line Paratext login (#665)
  • TT-1769 avoid email address overlapping with form
  • TT-1802 fix order of sections and passages when ten or more (#664)
  • TT-1850 Remove users with no data from list of off line users (#663)
  • TT-1505 don’t allow name to be email address (#661)
  • go On line after email verified if desktop (#660)
  • TT-1821 only show current user`s teams (#659)
  • TT-1849 Electron Samples (#656)
  • start save before assign (#655)
  • only backup off line available projects (#654)
  • TT-1404 Change not linked message to make it clearer (#652)
  • TT-1828 launch help on topic locally (#653)
  • TT-1822 No on line backup since AWS backs up on line projects (#651)
  • TT-1805 remove Import button from desktop app since it`s automatic (#650)
  • handle electron Paratext integration (#649)
  • TT-1842 Only show off line projects if desktop off line (#647)
  • TT-1831 electron dates (#645)
  • TT-1832 make avail off line when first loaded (#641)
  • TT-1832 Make Available Menu Item (#639)
  • TT-1810 Allow display help topic multiple times
  • TT-1805 No PTF import when on line
  • TT-1804 reset busy after sheet save (#638)
  • TT-1787 Save after upload (#637)
  • TT-1816 Allow add team from desktop if on line (#636)
  • TT-1809 Available Off line only in Electron (#634)
  • TT-1812 and TT-1814 on – off line logic (#635)
    navigate to email verified screen if necessary
    improve email verified logic
  • Remove the word `extension` from product name
  • only check sync changes for off line projects
  • TT-1800 off line sync (#630)
  • Remove separate desktop help
  • TT-1793 download data so projects can be used off line (#629)
  • TT-1789 Handle last verse in chapter
  • log out on exit electron (#625)