The SIL Transcriber development team is pleased to announce the these additions to the Fall 2020 release. These changes are available on the full-featured web edition and the offline-only desktop extension.

When you next login, you will find these additional changes:

  • TT-1792 Keey deep linking by user
  • TT-1604 check all steps on file upload
  • TT-1293 navigate to member profile after add
  • TT-1775 don’t allow close while export busy
  • TT-1776 update language picker for debouncing clear previous values
  • TT-654 Add spreadsheet samples and link to context help
  • TT-1413 update count of media
  • TT-1611 allow deep link to profile page
  • TT-1767 default book to previous rows
  • TT-1765 clear values when upload media dialog closes