May 20, 2022

The SIL Transcriber development team is pleased to announce the 2.15.5 release. The key features of this release are the ability to perform the workflow on a section of related passages. A slider control is added to allow the user to perform the workflow step on each passage in the section before moving on to the next step. Clicking step complete moves the user to the next passage in the section until the steps are complete for all the passages and then it moves to the next workflow step on the first passage in the section. The other key feature is that discussions created by Team Check, Peer Review, Community Testing or Consultant reviews can be seen while on the record step. (users asked to be able to review the open discussions just before making new versions of their recording.) They can also be resolved after the team is satisfied that they have made a new recording that incorporates the various concerns. The full-featured desktop app is available for downloading and a corresponding SIL Transcriber web app supports even more platforms.

Here is a detailed list of the changes:

  • TT-3895 Allow playing resources multiple times
  • TT-3957 Allow working through all passages of a section
  • TT-3958 All discussions to be visible on the record step
  • TT-3959 Discussion scroll bar
  • TT-3960 don’t play two audio (no player on record)
  • TT-3963 display unsaved dialog on slider navigation
  • TT-3966 hot keys control recorder (no player on record)
  • TT-3968 fix player count, show reference, step complete advances
  • TT-3974 No fast complete action
  • TT-3975 Clear content if user refuses save
  • TT-3976 Complete Unsaved Recording save without error