Charis SIL

Known Issues in v5.000

U+0327 COMBINING CEDILLA and U+0328 COMBINING OGONEK do not consistently position properly under some characters (such an U+014A LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ENG) in Graphite, but they do in OpenType. This should not generally be a problem as the characters affected do not usually require cedilla or ogonek. An alternate form… Read More

Release 5.000

This release includes the following changes for this version: Added Stylistic Sets to the font for OpenType support of previously Graphite-only features Added Character Variants to the font for OpenType support of previously Graphite-only features Added Serbian feature when Serbian language is turned on Added hook D variant feature (for… Read More

Release v4.114 (maintenance release)

This maintenance release of Charis SIL doubles the speed of rendering lower ASCII text in Graphite. Thus, when Mozilla Firefox/Gecko (version 24+) or a future version of LibreOffice is used, then this font will be much faster. We have produced this special release of Charis SIL in… Read More

Release v4.112 (maintenance release)

The only change in this maintenance release is a change in the Graphite feature identifiers from integers to 4-character alphanumeric tags. This was required because although Mozilla Firefox has now implemented support for Graphite, feature identifiers only work if they are 4-character alphanumeric tags. If you would… Read More

Release v4.110 (official release)

The only change in this official release is: Removed the VDMX table (to resolve issues related to line-spacing and clipping) Download the newest release packages from the Download Page. Download v4.110 of the release packages from the Previous Versions Page. Read More

Release v4.108 (official release)

List of changes for this version: Encoding changes: Double-encoded the SIL PUA characters which were added to Unicode 5.2 and 6.0 U+0526 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHHA WITH DESCENDER U+0527 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER SHHA WITH DESCENDER U+1DFD COMBINING ALMOST EQUAL TO BELOW U+2C70 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED ALPHA U+A78D LATIN CAPITAL… Read More

Release v4.106 (official release)

List of changes for this version: Design changes: Adjusted attachment points on: U+04FA U+04FB U+1D68 U+1D69 U+1D6A fi and fl ligatures Lowered U+00A1 INVERTED EXCLAMATION MARK and U+00BF INVERTED QUESTION MARK fixed advance of t-caron slight adjustment of U+02D0 MODIFIER LETTER TRIANGULAR COLON and U+002F SOLIDUS. Metrics were not changed. Read More

Release v4.104 (official release)

This version supports Unicode 5.1! In this font, the 17 of our PUA characters that were added to Unicode 5.1 are accessible by both the PUA and Unicode codepoints. This is the only change in this release. No new characters, glyphs or features were added. Those characters are: PUA Uni… Read More

Release v4.102 (official release)

This version supports Unicode 5.0! This font fixes a bug which was in version 4.100: In InDesign and XeTeX (and probably any other application which uses true small caps) the OpenType small cap feature will not work properly, nor will any application-specific fallback mechanism. This release fixes it so that… Read More

Release v4.100 (official release)

This version supports Unicode 5.0! This official release includes the following changes: New features: Open o alternate (affects: U+1D97 , U+1D53 , U+1D10 , U+0186 , U+0254 ) Chinantec tones (affects: U+02C8 MODIFIER LETTER VERTICAL LINE, U+02C9 MODIFIER LETTER MACRON, U+02CA MODIFIER LETTER ACUTE ACCENT, U+02CB MODIFIER LETTER GRAVE ACCENT… Read More