FieldWorks 8.3 introduces the ability to upload dictionary data directly to and makes it significantly easier to configure dictionary data for all kinds of output (print or electronic).

Release Notes for Version 8.3

Bugs fixed since 8.3.5 Beta5

  • LT-17530 Allow references to variants or deeper components on references to Components.
  • LT-18143 Prevent crash when no items in the “Dialect Labels” list.
  • LT-15232 If a complex form is also a variant, make sure it shows only once in the root-based view.
  • LT-18186 Make the highlight for the entry in focus more visible on laptops.
  • LT-18151 Remove extra custom field node in Variant Of and Primary Entry Reference nodes.
  • LT-17646 Custom fields should get a “Before” space in their configuration.
  • LT-17397 Implement an export/import of configurations that includes styles and custom fields.
  • LT-10976 Add Pictures to Minor Entries.
  • LT-18171 Fix crash displaying entry or doing XHTML export when no content.
  • LT-18133 In Hybrid configuration, assign custom variant types based on whether they are inflectional or not.
  • LT-18173 Remove the Tools/Configure Headwords menu in all of the views.
  • LT-15723 Change default configurations to put a space in Before instead of in After.
  • LT-18177 Export of XHTML is now in NFC.
  • LT-18168 Localize right-click menu for Dictionary/Reversal Indexes.
  • LT-18196 Correctly handle Custom lists in LIFT export/import.
  • LT-18087 Remove inaccurate entry count from Dictionary view and Reversal Index view.
  • LT-17472 Fix Between box for Caption (pictures) in the Configure Dictionary dialog box.
  • LT-17805 Use relative path for style sheet info in XHTML export.
  • LT-18155 Correct Audio export.
  • LT-18135 Configured ‘before’ labels now appear for custom fields that start with a number.
  • LT-18175 Prevent Extra alpha headers based on sort order.
  • LT-18109 Fix Style inheritance problems. Dictionary-Minor wasn’t inheriting correctly from Dictionary-Normal
  • LT-18204 Fix problem with no buttons when attempting Initial Send/Receive.
  • LT-15764 Sort Lexical Relations alphabetically.
  • LT-18226 Prevent FLEx from crashing when playing an audio file with audio devices disabled.
  • LT-18254 Correct crash when uploading to Webonary with custom publication and with custom dictionary view.