We are glad to announce that FieldWorks version 8.3.8 is now being released as stable. This version fixes the remaining problems we have seen with version 8.3. This version doesn’t work with Paratext 8.1. We plan to release 8.3.9 as soon as we can, which will support Paratext 8.1.

Be aware that this version does contain a data model change relative to FW8.2.x. After upgrading to this version, the data will not open in any version prior to 8.3.2, so make a backup before upgrading. If you are sharing data with others, the entire team should use a version of FieldWorks with the same data model.

Release Notes for Version 8.3.

Bugs fixed since 8.3.7 RC1

  • LT-14263 Fix problems with the Unicode Character Editor.
  • LT-18252 Allow reversal indexes that have a writing system starting with qaa.
  • LT-18295 Gloss Node content now appears under “Components/Referenced Entries/Primary Entry(s)” node.
  • LT-18208, LT-18274, LT-18295 Make sure that configuration views load updated data about fields and lists before trying to display content.
  • LT-18288 Content with multiple writing systems now appears on dictionary and preview panes for Referenced Headwords.
  • LT-18302 Cleaned up the Semantic Domain list.
  • LT-18308 Handle conflicting user styles.
  • Improvements for Keyboard Users
  • LT-18267 Preserve style and font attributes after configure views completion.
  • LT-18309 Avoid hanging Dictionary view and improve alpha headers.
  • LT-18321 Include Sense Number in referenced headwords.
  • LT-18297 Put numbers on Subsenses of a migrated project.
  • LT-18286, LT-18320 Fix configuration errors that appear in Send/Receive.