We are glad to announce that FieldWorks version 9.0.11 is being released. This version fixes some serious bugs in previous versions with the intention of becoming stable.

With Send/Receive, FW9.0.11 will not merge data with colleagues using versions of FieldWorks older than 9.0.8. With this version both the data model in Flex as well as the data model in FlexBridge are both critical to being able to merge with colleagues. The Flex data model has not changed since FW9.0.4, but the FlexBridge model has changed in FlexBridge 3.1.4-beta.307 which is installed by FW9.0.8. So if you are using Send/Receive with colleagues, all users will need to upgrade to FW9.0.8 or later to continue collaboration.

On Linux you must update Paratext to version 9 if you are installing version 9 of FieldWorks. If you need to continue using Paratext 8 then you should keep using FieldWorks 8.

On Windows you must update Paratext to version 9 if you are installing version 9.0.8 or later of FieldWorks. If you need to continue using Paratext 8 then you should keep using an earlier version of FieldWorks.

For more specifics about version 9.0 and the changes made, see the beta release notes.

Bugs fixed since version 9.0.10

  • LT-16151 Type-ahead no longer displays duplicates.
  • LT-16726 Fix the ability to scan a data file on the “from Data” tab (Valid Chars).
  • LT-18515 Allow viewing demo movies using Help -> Demo Movies in Linux.
  • LT-19289 Fix Keyboard Switching in Bionic Linux OS.
  • LT-19763 Fix crash when typing text in the Advanced-Other variants Textbox.
  • LT-19916 Paratext will use custom locations when upgrading.
  • LT-19981 WS Abbreviation isn’t refreshed when changed in Setup Writing Systems.
  • LT-20173 Can’t delete media link when referenced by more than one entry.
  • LT-20193 Select only certain texts when exporting Interlinear texts.
  • LT-20195 Correct problems with uploading audio files to Webonary.
  • LT-20201 Correct a crash when adding a language inside the SFM import wizard.
  • LT-20208 FLEx refreshes itself after updating the script/region/variant attributes.
  • LT-20212, LT-20076 Fix crashes choosing scripture texts from Paratext 9.
  • LT-20221 Fix issue that causes some text to appear garbled/scrambled/gibberish.
  • LT-20269 Block creating/using ldml files with bad ICU collations.
  • LT-20270 Open help file in current Linux releases.
  • LT-20282 Correct problem in Send/Receive.
  • LT-20286 Fix graphite font features.
  • LT-20307 Fix FieldWorks hanging when trying “Upload to Webonary” from Reversal Indexes area.
  • LT-20309 Fix crashes when changing writing systems cause conflicts.
  • LT-20310 Fix crash in Linux when setting Style.
  • LT-20312 Correct merge writing system issue that was deleting data.
  • LT-20319 Correct crash when using type-ahead.
  • LT-20320 Preserve custom locations when migrating between instances of version 9.0.
  • LT-20322 Correct error in type-ahead regarding ability to select any entry from the list.
  • LT-20327 Fix crash undoing spelling change.
  • LT-20334 Fix writing system issue that prevented some projects from being opened.
  • LT-20344 Fix problem caused by changing vernacular code that was duplicating wordforms.