We are glad to announce that FieldWorks version 9.0.5 is being released. This version fixes a few critical issues with version 9.0.4.

As of release 9.0.4, TE and Db4o are no longer included with FLEx.

After upgrading to this version, the data will not open in any version prior to 9.0.4, so make a backup before upgrading. If you are sharing data with others, the entire team should use a version of FieldWorks with the same data model. For more specifics about version 9.0 and the changes made, see the beta release notes.

Bugs fixed since version 9.0.4

  • LT-19372 Fix highlight problem by allowing user to reset default back color in Normal style font.
  • LT-19403 Add Alert Implementation for ParatextData so users don’t get multiple asserts when opening FieldWorks.
  • LT-19400 Allow opening some older projects with TE styles in this version,
  • LT-19041 When modifying writing system code, make sure data is updated.
  • LT-19399 Fixed installation failure on non-English systems.