Release Date: May 25. 2023

We are glad to announce that the FieldWorks version 9.1.21 is being released. This version is a patch to the stable release 9.1.18, 9.1.19, or 9.1.20 and fixes some issues with version 9.1.20. It must be installed on top of version 9.1.18, 9.1.19, or 9.1.20, so is available for download on the 9.1.18/19/20/21 download page.

Changes in version 9.1.21

  • LT-14240, LT-16220 FieldWorks no longer crashes clicking OK if you pick no inflection features in Cat. Edit.
  • LT-18415, LT-20851 The grammatical info dropdown data from inflection class, inflection features. and grammatical info details are no longer jammed together.
  • LT-20702 Improve message on flextext import failures to include failing field name.
  • LT-21120 Fix crash when adding Variant writing systems in More tab of New Project dialog.
  • LT-21218 Links to variants/complex forms no longer exist if ‘Show minor entry’ is unchecked.
  • LT-21411 Add Analytics to record when Help is called.
  • LT-21417 Add ability to export all lists to xml and transpose to htm.
  • LT-21429 Fix hyperlinks that are not working in Dictionary view and Webonary.

For more specifics about version 9.1 and the changes included in it, see the release notes.