Release Date: July 26. 2023

We are glad to announce that the FieldWorks version 9.1.22 is being released. This version is a new, stable base build so will include all the fixes to FieldWorks and FLExBridge. It is available for download on the 9.1.22 download page.

Changes in version 9.1.22

  • LT-20038 Fix yellow box crash with metathesis rule in HermitCrab parser.
  • LT-20665 Don’t add new publications to entries in the Publish in Entry field.
  • LT-20889 Fix Hermit Crab parser when there is more than one inflectional variant with a filled slots field.
  • LT-21086 Fix mangled Unicode text in conflict details for any new conflicts (old conflict messages will not be updated).
  • LT-21308 Display all writing systems in the Set Up Vernacular/Analysis dialogs whether the box is checked or not.
  • LT-21419 Add support for improved lexical interface with Paratext.
  • LT-21421 Fix invalid XML for reduplication environments thst id produced.
  • LT-21433 Fix Bulk Edit crash when ICU collation starts with a comment.
  • LT-21435 Improve performance parsing suffixing-only languages.with XAmple.
  • LT-21444 Improve picture dialog: allow selecting images from the Art of Reading collection; allow scanning and cropping images; allow adding copyright information to images.
  • LT-21435 Improve performance parsing suffixing-only languages.with XAmple.
  • LT-21453 Add Creator, Copyright, and License to Picture field in Configure Dictionary.
  • LT-21451 Include entry headword in error details related to bad .wav files when uploading to Webonary rather than stopping the upload with no help for ths issue.
  • LT-21452 Allow SFM import of Extended Notes.
  • LT-21462 Before attempting to send and receive over the Internet, verify that complete credentials and a project ID have been entered.
  • LT-17398 Add Exemplar field to Senses (partial): Exemplars can be imported from SFM and published in dictionaries, but they cannot be exported yet.

For more specifics about version 9.1 and the changes included in it, see the release notes.