Version Date: November 12, 2021

We are glad to announce that the FieldWorks patch version 9.1.7 is being released. This optional release is a patch that must be installed on top of version 9.1.6, so is available for download on the 9.1.6/7 download page.

For more specifics about version 9.1 and the changes made, see the beta release notes

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.7

  • LT-19629 Adding an audio recording causes the date modified to be updated.
  • LT-20442 In Configure Interlinear Lines, use correct checkboxes for custom fields.
  • LT-20669 Sound files imported from The Combine entries are now playable in the Lexicon Edit view.
  • LT-20800 Notify users if there are model changes before installing automatic updates.
  • LT-20813 Move “Install Updates?” notifications to the front when FLEx opens.
  • LT-20840 In interlinear configuration, ‘Add Line’ now adds lines for ‘Literal Translation’, ‘Lex. Entries’ and ‘Free Translation’