Support for USFM quotation milestones

    As of version 4.0, Glyssen will now read and interpret quotation milestones. The qt-s and qt-e markers were added to the USFM standard in version 3.0. Although Paratext does not yet make it easy to enter these markers, they are especially helpful if the quotation mark rules… Read More

    See what happened during the pandemic

    Although there hasn’t been a news post in a while, a lot has happened in Glyssen since the release of version 1.1. Here are a few highlights: A complete Old Testament reference text is available in English. When a block is identified as “he said”, Glyssen looks for other identical… Read More

    Glyssen 1.1 Released!

    We are pleased to announce the release of Glyssen 1.1. As announced in October, the major new feature in this version of Glyssen is the addition of support for direct access to data from live Paratext projects. This means that if Paratext 8 or later is… Read More

    Next big feature: “live” access to Paratext data

    From the early days, Glyssen has been limited to using a Text Release Bundle as the source for the text. By preventing direct access to a Paratext project, Glyssen encouraged users to avoid trying to start a dramatized recording project based on unpublished texts. However, this also posed some barriers… Read More

    2018 in review

    With the advent of version 1.0 (released in January 2018), Glyssen is capable of producing a script that can be opened in HearThis for the purpose of doing a field-based recording. Work on a full-scale recording tool with project management features and workflow control is planned. This will be… Read More

    Glyssen Beta Version 0.10 Released!

    We're proud to announce Glyssen Beta version 0.10. Our prayer is that Glyssen will serve language communities by providing audio Scriptures more quickly and accurately. Features available in Beta 0.10 include: Read More