Version 6.101 of the Charis SIL, Doulos SIL, Gentium Plus, and Andika font families is now available. Highlights:

  • The v6 fonts are now available on SIL TypeTuner Web, which allows you to create customized versions of the fonts to meet your specific needs
  • Special-purpose modified versions of the v6 fonts – including Literacy and Compact versions – are available from the LCG Fonts Download Page
  • New features to improve support for Serbian and Macedonian
  • Additional character support, including some Unicode 14 characters
  • Low-profile diacritics are available again in Gentium Plus
  • Design fixes and improvements

See individual font websites for details, including some important notes about changes that may affect you. If you are updating from version 5 fonts be aware that version 6+ is a major upgrade. This may cause document reflow as some glyphs widths have changed and some features have been removed. Please do not assume that you can replace version 5 with version 6 with no resulting changes to your publications.

You can get the new fonts at:

If you need technical support or want to contact us please use the contact forms on the font websites.

The SIL Writing Systems Technology Team