No, we haven’t expired, just gotten lazy about blogging. Maybe it would help if we ever got comments (hint hint).

Anyways, here is a five-minute blog just to list some of what we should have been blogging about:

  • We have switched, for the time being, from GTK# to Windows Forms. That was a very difficult, very long decision-making process, which could consume many blog entries by itself. Actually we spent half the time making the decision, and half of the rebuilding the friendships which were endangered by the decision 🙂
  • A new web-site skin. Thanks Cathy in NZ!

Here’s what I can remember us implementing:

  • The beginnings of writing system support (specify which font and size goes with each writing system)
  • Rudimentary, PO-format localization. You can choose your local via a commandline argument. Po-format is a simple text file… we aren’t bothering with any kind of compiled format of it… so you can localize the user interface with one of special free tools, or with any text editor.
  • Import and Export to LIFt (Lexical Interchange Format) xml. From there it should be a short XSLT hop to whatever, including MDF. We will also be updating our FieldWorks Linguistics Explorer import/export to support our minimal LIFt files
  • A task which lets us drop jpgs in in order to mockup what things will look like.

Since our last blog, the majority of Eric’s time has been spent doing hard stuff like trying to find out why GTK# was crashing all the time, why db4o can’t optimize our simple queries, etc. He is finishing up a major new piece, a task which guides the user through filling in a single field for all records that are missing it.

We are up to 487 unit tests (5 are yellow).