As an SIL “Basic” font, Andika Basic has:

  • OpenType and Graphite smart code for diacritic placement
  • A few useful OpenType and Graphite features
  • Support for a few more recent additions to Unicode and the SIL PUA
  • Character assignments are updated to conform to Unicode 5.1

Andika Basic supports a subset of the smart font features that the Doulos SIL font supports. Those features are:

  • Capital Eng alternates
  • Capital N-left-hook alternate
  • Capital Q alternate
  • Capital Y-hook alternate
  • Literacy alternates — single-story a and g — as default glyphs
  • Lower case j alternate
  • Lower case dotless j alternate
  • Lower case q alternate
  • Lower case y-hook alternate
  • Modifier apostrophe alternate
  • Modifier colon alternate
  • No-tail t and y alternates
  • Numeral 0 1 4 6 7 9 alternates
  • Open O — both upper and lower case — alternates
  • Tail i and l alternates
  • Vietnamese-style diacritics

Download the release packages from the Previous Versions Page.