Andika New Basic is a limited-character-set (no extended IPA or Cyrillic) version of Andika that includes regular, bold, italic and bold-italic faces. Andika New Basic gives a preview of what a whole range of new weights will eventually look like.

What is the difference between Andika and Andika New Basic?

  • Andika New Basic has all four faces: Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold-Italic.
  • Andika has a more complete character set comparable to Charis SIL and Doulos SIL.
  • Andika New Basic has a limited character set, supporting only the Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement Unicode ranges, plus a selection of the more commonly used extended Latin characters, with miscellaneous diacritical marks, symbols and punctuation.
  • Character Lists for Andika vs. Andika New Basic (Andika-only in yellow)

Andika New Basic does not include the following features that are in Andika:

  • Small Caps
  • Barred-bowl forms
  • Tone numbers
  • Hide tone contour staves
  • 9-level pitches
  • Chinantec tones
  • Bridging diacritics
  • Serbian-style alternates
  • Rams horn alternates
  • Ogonek alternate
  • Capital B-hook alternate
  • Capital D-hook alternate
  • Capital H-stroke alternate
  • J-stroke hook alternate
  • Small p-hook alternate
  • Capital R-tail alternate
  • Capital T-hook alternate
  • V-hook alternates
  • Small ezh-curl alternate
  • Capital Ezh alternates
  • OU alternates
  • Mongolian-style Cyrillic E
  • Combining breve Cyrillic form
  • Cyrillic shha alternate
  • Non-European caron alternates
  • Empty set alternates
  • Show invisible characters
  • Romanian-style diacritics
  • Show deprecated PUA

Andika New Basic includes one feature that is not in Andika:

  • Capital J alternate

Download the release packages from the Download Page.