Asheninka: a Syllable Parser

A tool for exploring algorithms to parse words into syllables and insert discretionary hyphens.


Asheninka, which runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, allows you to quickly compare syllabification of thousands of words. You can import word lists from Paratext and FLEx, syllabify them, and export the resulting hyphenated words for use by Paratext and InDesign. You can also compare what is different between two sets of data. In addition, it functions as a spelling checker. (If a word will not syllabify, it may have a typo.)


Asheninka offers up to six syllabification algorithms. (The current, alpha version only has the CV Approach.)

See the Introduction to Syllabification document on the resources page for more on these algorithms.


One can quickly see the predicted syllabification for words and can compare the predicted results with the correct, expected results.


One can easily make a backup of the current state of an implementation and then compare it to a previous state.

Common questions

What operating systems does Asheninka run on?
Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Why is it called Asheninka?
This syllable parsing program is called Asheninka (pronounced a SHEN in ka) for historic reasons.

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