We are glad to announce that the optional FieldWorks version 9.0.15 is being released. This version fixes some bugs in previous versions. Look at the list of changes to see if they will help you.

For more specifics about version 9.0 and the changes made, see the release notes

Bugs fixed since version 9.0.14

  • LT-19568 Prevent crash in Ramp when trying to start FLEx after uninstalling Ramp.
  • LT-20408 Allow a character with a diacritic to be added to Valid Characters.
  • LT-20491 Audio writing system now works in dictionary view for homographs and affix forms.
  • LT-20498 Fix crash when typing in Free Translation.
  • LT-20502 Fix merging of writing systems when sort rules were changed.
  • LT-20512 Restore Move Left/Right to Sequence relation type.
  • LT-20517 Allow changing of language code for vernacular writing system.
  • LT-20524 In /passive mode, always install shortcuts and language packs.
  • LT-20574 Remove unsupported Export options.