We are glad to announce that the optional FieldWorks version 9.0.15 i6 being released. This optional release is a patch that must be installed on top of version 9.0.15, so is available for download on the 9.0.15/16 download page.

For more specifics about version 9.0 and the changes made, see the release notes

Bugs fixed since version 9.0.15

  • LT-19906 [Linux] Advanced WS view resize shows labels and controls.
  • LT-20299 [Linux] UI labels on writing system properties dialog are visible.
  • LT-20427 TryAWord parser no longer shows decomposed characters.
  • LT-20429 [Linux] Fix crash in Writing System Properties / Keyboard tab after installing a Keyman keyboard.
  • LT-20432 Provide missing Hide and unhide functions in Writing System Properties.
  • LT-20447, LT-20479, LT-20138 Editing “Morph Type” field changes are now shown.
  • LT-20465, LT-20575 Details now available in TryAWord parser.
  • LT-20581 [Linux] Keyman Keyboard link is now shown.
  • LT-20558 Migration from FW8 to FW9 now keeps simple sort specs.
  • LT-20577 Migration from FW8.3.12 no longer adds a bogus qaa analysis language.
  • LT-20594 Fix long delay after typing Chinese Free Translation in interlinear text.