We are glad to announce that FieldWorks version 9.0.7 is being released. This version fixes some serious bugs in version 9.0.6.

The Linux version is not being released at the same time as the Windows version, but will be released soon

As of release 9.0.4, TE and Db4o are no longer included with FLEx.

After upgrading to this version, the data will not open in any version prior to 9.0.4, so make a backup before upgrading. If you are sharing data with others, the entire team should use a version of FieldWorks with the same data model. For more specifics about version 9.0 and the changes made, see the beta release notes.

Bugs fixed since version 9.0.6

  • Implement improved Writing System Dialog and New Language Project Wizard.
  • LT-15931 Remove the Ctrl+DEL shortcut for deleting entries.
  • LT-16720 Support more kinds of characters in the Valid Characters dialog.
  • LT-19203 Correct Surrogate pairs error when typing.
  • LT-19273 Fix crash while deleting newly added Custom field in Analyze tab in text and words view.
  • LT-19302 Fix crashes in “Text and Words” while using the delete function.
  • LT-19311 Revise delete menu and tool bar button text.
  • LT-19324 Prevent crash triggered by running ‘Parse all words’ in a second window.
  • LT-19336 Correct content missing when clicking on the link in “Export discourse chart” dialog.
  • LT-19349, LT-18688 Add Dialect Labels to Lexical Relation references.
  • LT-19431 FieldWorks now plays .mp3 audio files.
  • LT-19466, LT-19578 Fix migration issues.
  • LT-19310, LT-19359 Get List area tools to sort.
  • LT-19520 Fix Linux crash in Lexicon Edit view while using Back and Forward button continuously (after we made some changes in Complex Concordance view).
  • LT-19541 Fix crash while changing Paragraph Style for Content into Parallel Passage Reference Style in Configure Reversal Index view.
  • LT-19555 Warn user when Webonary upload does not include letter headings.
  • LT-19556 Add project types from Paratext so projects can be linked to FLEx.
  • LT-19635 Fix Linux issue where resizing hides controls.
  • LT-19637 Improve behavior when the SLDR server is experiencing downtime.
  • LT-19693 Prevent non-ASCII chars in project names.
  • LT-19765 Fix crashes with graphite fonts and upper plane chars.
  • LT-19878 Fix a bug in the graphite code which crashed on pseudo glyphs.