We are glad to announce that FieldWorks version 9.0.8 is being released. This version fixes a lot of serious bugs in version 9.0.7.

With Send/Receive, FW9.0.8 will not merge data with colleagues using any older versions of Flex. With this version both the data model in Flex as well as the data model in FlexBridge are both critical to being able to merge with colleagues. The Flex data model has not changed since FW9.0.4, but the FlexBridge model has changed in FlexBridge 3.1.4-beta.307 which is installed by FW9.0.8. So if you are using Send/Receive with colleagues, all users will need to upgrade to FW9.0.8 to continue collaboration.

On Linux you must also update Paratext to version 9 if you are installing version 9 of FieldWorks. If you need to continue using Paratext 8 then you should keep using FieldWorks 8.

With this release, on Windows you must update Paratext to version 9. If you need to continue using Paratext 8 then you should not use this (or later) versions.

For more specifics about version 9.0 and the changes made, see the beta release notes.

Bugs fixed since version 9.0.7

  • LT-18559 Remove bogus letter headings caused by some tertiary ignorable cases.
  • LT-18599 Fix crash in Complex Concordance when setting Morph criteria involving a complex feature.
  • LT-19179 Make Concordance show custom segment fields.
  • LT-19512 Fix Yellow box crash when building XAmple parser files in project with empty graphemes.
  • LT-19550 Fix NBSP issue in Grammar Sketch.
  • LT-19847 Fix lexicon SFM Import for Reversals.
  • LT-19858 Prevent trailing space in ‘Get Project from Colleague’ from breaking dictionary view.
  • LT-19897 Show Upper plane characters in dictionary buttons.
  • LT-19898 Add environment variable to FLExBridge to address timeouts.
  • LT-19037 Fix a problem with the XAmple parser.
  • LT-19910 Save changes to custom numbering scheme.
  • LT-19930 Install .NET 4.8 if needed.
  • LT-19933 Fix problems in advanced writing system dialog.
  • LT-19934 Font property dialog box now adjusts size correctly.
  • LT-19967 Correct the speaker icon in the print preview pane.
  • LT-19976 Fix Classified Dictionary Export.
  • LT-19992 Fix problem with Simple Shoebox sort causing crashes due to duplicate sort specs.
  • LT-20002 Fix a crash in Copy in Gloss or Analyze tab.
  • LT-20003 Fix Morph Type type-ahead causing data corruption.
  • LT-20110 Correct crash on ‘Get Project’.
  • LT-20017 Fix Surrogate Pairs error in Send/Receive.
  • LT-20021 Fix crash when opening the Valid Chars dialog box.
  • LT-20022 Fix inconsistent data in LDML files.
  • LT-20025, LT-20026, LT-20059, LT-20089, LT-20096 “Change localization process to let translators use Crowdin. For more information about how to get started, look at http://software.sil.org/fieldworks/download/localizations/.
  • LT-20029 Fix FB installation and CachedSettings problems.
  • LT-20037 Fix crash when ‘Choose Texts’ in Linux.
  • LT-20039 Fix crashes on startup with numbered fwdictconfig files.
  • LT-20052 Prevent factory data notebook record types from being deleted to avoid crashes.
  • LT-20055 Fix crash creating project for writing systems that specify KMP keyboard files.
  • LT-20070 Fix “Copy Location as Hyperlink”.
  • LT-20074 Prevent losing messages in Flex with FB Conflict Report dialog open.
  • LT-20083, LT-20107 Fix crashes resulting from duplicate collations and other ldml irregularties.
  • LT-20084 Disabled LinguaLinks import recommending older versions of Flex.
  • LT-20095 Prevent Choose Texts crashes when Back Translation is included.
  • LT-20110, LT-19683, LT-19854 Fix crash on Get Project From Colleague using a WeSay repo.
  • LT-20118 Fix problem causing crashes in Change Spelling.
  • LT-20124, LT-20125 Fix Crash when creating a new project with unexpected SLDR data.
  • LT-20130 Change Webonary URL to coincide with Webonary changes.
  • LT-20137 Fix crash when ‘Choose Texts’.