June 22, 2021
This release provides several improvements to 9.1.3. Look at the list of changes to see if this release is worthwhile for you to install.

For more specifics about version 9.1 and the changes made, see the beta release notes

Bugs fixed in version 9.1.4

  • LT-20525 New ability to add tables to entries/senses. It’s not fully implemented, but is useable.
  • LT-20585, LT-20631 Fix some problems with the online installers.
  • LT-20622 Variant Type position can now be controlled in configuration.
  • LT-20660 Fix crash when changing morph type to an extended type.
  • LT-20672 Add ability to reorder writing systems in free and literal translations and notes in texts.
  • LT-20675 Update error message for trying to promote part of discourse chart.