September 2, 2021
This release provides several improvements to 9.1.4. Look at the list of changes to see if this release is worthwhile for you to install.

For more specifics about version 9.1 and the changes made, see the beta release notes
Bugs fixed in version 9.1.5

  • LT-18814 Fix crash in “Find in Dictionary” if the lexical entry has any picture added to 9.1.5 from 9.0.17.
  • LT-18819 Fix crash on Browse pane when opening the Print dialog added to 9.1.5 from 9.0.17.
  • LT-19171, LT-20756 Implement automatic updates. By default, FieldWorks will download the latest available update when it is available. Patch updates are about 200 MB and are published every month or two. This version downloads only patch updates. Next month, we plan to release a patch that can download and install all updates (some are 360 MB). So users will automatically receive all updates.
  • LT-19891 Fix for the help link on the sorting tab in Writing System properties added to 9.1.5 from 9.0.17.
  • LT-20483 In Linux, clicking Help in any area in the FieldWorks application now works added to 9.1.5 from 9.0.17.
  • LT-20585 Fix a problem with the online installers.
  • LT-20613 Preserve order of renamed custom fields.
  • LT-20688 Preserve order of configured interlinear lines.
  • LT-20690 .mp3 files no longer crash and block uploading to Webonary.However,mp3 files will not play on Webonary until some more work is done. This should be completed next month.
  • LT-20696, LT-20525, LT-20731, LT-20763 Completed dictionary tables.
  • LT-20714 Multiple Ignorable characters no longer generate letter headings.
  • LT-20724 Fix RTL document flow for dictionaries.
  • LT-20725 Webonary upload fixed for some RTL project data.
  • LT-20726 Webonary upload fixed for on projects with ‘No Name’ lexical references to sense.
  • LT-20727 Crashes fixed with text charts but more work will be done. This should be completed next month.
  • LT-20736 Custom fields other than single line text are again available for mapping in SFM import.
  • LT-20744 Add flextext phrase item type=”txt” on export for ELAN users.
  • LT-20772 Fix crash trying to reorder Text Chart templates.