Is FLExTrans supported by SIL?

As FLExTrans is distributed at no cost, we are unable to provide a commercial level of personal technical support. However, we are diligent in resolving problems that are reported to us as soon as practically possible.

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How can I get support for this tool?

We envision FLExTrans being community-supported, where people contribute as and when they are able, helping each other solve issues that arise. The best place to receive such support is to use the FLExTrans support forum. Please scan the existing topics posted on the forum before raising a new topic.

How to provide feedback?

We hope that you will report problems so they can be addressed in future releases. Even if you are not having any specific problems, but have ideas about how this tool could be improved, we want to hear your suggestions. Ideally, you should give feedback through the GitHub Issue Tracker or via the above-mentioned FLExTrans support forum.


If accessing help through any of the above-mentioned sites is a concern, or posting a question to a public forum is less than ideal, then please use the form below to contact us.

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