PTXprint does not have a formal user manual. Instead, the pop-up tooltips provide just-in-time help. With almost 400 different settings and styles to customize, you can produce whatever you need. Simply hover your mouse pointer over any option to discover what it does.

Tooltips are built in & easy to access

Getting Started: Slides, Articles & Videos to get you on your way




  • Master Slides for the most comprehensive and up-to-date presentations
  • 1: PTXprint OverviewHistory & Features
  • 2: Getting StartedFrom downloading to immediately creating your first draft PDF
  • 3a: Next Steps & Audience QuestionsIncluding manipulating white-space, image positioning, multi-book publication, 1 & 2 column layout, diglot (di-script or di-orthography) publication, & interlinear scripture using Paratext data.
  • 3b: Above and Beyond the BasicsIncluding special layouts (reader edition, wide margins, columnar references), external cross reference lists & localized Strong’s Index, placement options for lists of cross-references, handling front matter, & advanced table of contents.
  • 4: What’s New? – Including finishing options (like booklets), importing configuration settings from an existing PDF, improved hyphenation for complex scripts, difference between external cross-reference lists, incorporating Strong’s index numbers, demonstrating plugins, & more.




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Support: How can I get support for this tool?

PTXprint is a community-driven effort, where people contribute as and when they are able, helping each other solve issues that arise. The best place to receive such support from the community of users is to use the PTXprint category of the site. Please scan and search the existing questions posted at the site before asking a new question.


Complex Layouts: What else can I do?

For more complex outputs, it may not be immediately obvious how to get there. The following resources explore some of PTXprint’s more advanced options for those with a more precise or creative vision. It’s exciting to see our users push the program to its limits!





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