Here are some of the key features the make it possible to do any of these use cases. SIL Transcriber has a project management experience to make it easier to onboard, configure and track transcription project. Render project now get unique settings to align to project structure and language. Paratext integration is easier than ever before.

    Web (online)

  • New simple team-based experience that makes it easier to get started.
  • Project cards

  • Start a project with just an audio file.
  • audio create

  • Render users can have a customized experience matching Render projects
  • render customization

  • New project view that enables centralized management of sections and passages.
  • transcription management

  • Improved Paratext integration configuration
  • paratext integration

  • Improved project status with last saved dates on everything
  • visible dates

    Desktop (offline)

  • All the improvements of the web
  • Paratext integration now handles line breaks for local Paratext syncs
  • Improved offline tool for resiliency and backups

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