The SIL Transcriber development team is pleased to announce the 2.15.8 release. This release adds the Transcriber work flow tool so it is no longer necessary to jump back and forth to the transcriber when transcribing the vernacular. It also adds Passage resources for Internalization and allows general resources that can be chunked to include segments as section or passage resources. The information about segment boundaries for general resources can be copied to the clipboard and saved in a spreadsheet program and shared with others along with the audio of the general resource. This should make it much easier to setup resources for new projects. We also now save the segments used by phrase back translations. We fixed an issue where some language codes wouldn’t sync with a local copy of Paratext. The full-featured desktop app is available for downloading and a corresponding SIL Transcriber web app supports even more platforms.

Chunked General Resources

A demo of the new general resource creation feature is available. (Watch a demo.)

For a more detailed explanation about using any feature, consult the on line help.

Resolved Issues:

  • TT-3100 Resource Delete Confirm (#812)
  • TT-3393 Resource tool tips
  • TT-3798 Passage Resources (#811)
  • TT-3805 visual test
  • TT-3830 Require Vernacular (#810)
  • TT-3831 set sourceMediaOfflineId in prep for API export changes (#840)
  • TT-3844 Create General Resources
  • TT-3918 use tool name not step name to filter Paratext step (#841)
  • TT-3919 Save Back Translation Segments (#815)
  • TT-3997 Maintain Resource order (#805)
  • TT-3998 Add Transcriber to Work flow (#807)
  • TT-3998b move transcribe button next to play item
  • TT-4001 Handle names with slashes
  • TT-4002 Display Transcription State (#817)
  • TT-4005 Shared Resource Create error (#816)
  • TT-4006 Moving Resources (#813)
  • TT-4023 add message when too many segments
  • TT-4024 Flat chunking (#836)
  • TT-4026 Deleting General Resources (#838)
  • TT-4028 Canceling General resource creation (#832)
  • TT-4030 Copy button and paste logic (#825)
  • TT-4035 Off line Sync language code (#829)
  • TT-4039 No off line resource edit (#839)
  • update desktop help

Known Issues:

  • In the next release, we plan to add peer groups. Assignments of work flow steps, discussions or tasks can be made to peer groups.
  • TT-3831 – If vernacular recordings are made while off line on a collaborative project, it is currently necessary to go on line to synchronize the data before creating the off line recordings for back translations, retellings or question and answers. (We plan to remove this requirement in a future release.)
  • TT-3202 – when discussions are created by one user, a user on a different computer may need to refresh to see them.
  • TT-4040 – after uploading general resources while off line, it is necessary to go to a different work flow step and come back to see the configure option enabled. (This work around will be removed in the future.)
  • TT-3909 – ELAN export could be improved to take advantage of the segmenting information and any transcriptions made for segments.
  • TT-3922 – If one recording is left in a paused state, another recording doesn’t play automatically.
  • TT-4013 – after importing to an off line desktop program, a shared resource is not yet appearing.

A complete list of outstanding issues is available upon request. Please do let us know if you find other issues that are giving you difficulty in your work process.