May 11, 2022

The SIL Transcriber development team is pleased to announce the 2.15.4 release. After the April 2022 Release which had so many problems, we redeployed the cloud portion of the software in a virtual server. The full-featured desktop app is available for downloading and a corresponding SIL Transcriber web app supports even more platforms.

The features are the same as the 2.15.2 release except that unlike the intermediate 2.15.3 release where the export only worked offline, the export works online and offline as it was intended to do in the 2.15.2 release. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused by the program not working online for a couple of weeks while we configured the cloud server.

Tagged discussions

If a region of the audio file is selected when a discussion is created, a discussion tag is inserted underneath the audio file at that point. This allows the users to see which parts of the audio file are being discussed and to proceed through the discussions in order. Clicking on the tag will highlight the discussion it refers to and the user can play or read the comments about that part of the audio. (Watch a demo.)

Latest Audio Export

The export step now allows the user to export the latest audio files with their transcriptions in addition to having exports for just the transcription or for the entire project. There are two export options: audio export, and Scripture Burrito export. These new audio export options, only export the latest version of the audio so if the user has created multiple versions of a passage as they have worked through correcting it, only the final form is exported. The Audio Export will export different content based on whether the vernacular, retelling, question and answer, or back translations are selected. This Export step can be inserted at various places in the workflow and only the audio content that is at or past that step in the workflow is exported. So the idea is to have a way to export the content that has been completed to a particular point in the workflow. (Watch a demo.)