Q. Why is the duration length time zero?
A. When the “Add Many” tasks are used, the duration is not currently set. Adding tasks one at a time will include duration. If this issue is particularly problematic, you can create an issue on the discourse site and vote for a quick (hot) fix of this issue. A fix would likely include adding a progress bar for “Add Many” tasks.

Q. Why does deleting and re-adding a task still contains transcription and audio information?
A. Yes, basically this issue is that if we delete the task, the audio file and transcription are not deleted. If you recreate the task with the same reference, the audio file and transcription are automatically associated … (at least potentially). This would help if a user deleted it by accident but would be frustrating if the user had associated the wrong audio file with a task originally and wanted to really delete it.

In theory, there wouldn’t be a transcription with the later case but it could be that it was even transcribed before the team realized it was the wrong audio file.

The audio and transcription files can be removed by deleting them from the folder C:\ProgramData\SIL\Transcriber\\ and finding the .mp3 (or .wav) and .eaf files and deleting them. A complete description of file naming is covered in the help file.

Q. Why does “LOGOUT” option disappear (TT-279)?
A. When there is only one user (the admin) the logout function is not displayed. The admin can change to another project using the “Change current project” option on the ellipse menu.

Q. Why does the admin shield pane vanish if we shrink Transcriber window to minimal size (TT-371)?
A. The Transcriber was designed to use the available screen space. It is not recommended to resize the window very small. If the window is resized larger, the sheiled will be shown.

Q. Why doesn’t Alt-Tab switch from the help file to the Transcriber window?
A. The help is a sub task of the transcriber. You can switch by clicking on the transcriber window or closing the help topic.

Q. Why won’t the transcription synch to a Paratext project (TT-389)?
A. If the Paratext user on the machine where Transcriber is installed is an observer on the Paratext project, any changes made locally can not be synced (using send/receive in Paratext). It is not clear that there is a good case for supporting transcription on projects where the Paratext user is an observer. Please associate Transcriber with a Paratext project that the Paratext user on the machine can edit because they are a translator or consultant on the Paratext project.

Q. Why can’t the Admin claim and review a transcribed task (TT-386)?
A. If you have this issue, create a reviewer user who can review the transcriptions.

Q. Why does clicking on Next fail to find the Paratext projects installed in my machine (TT-379)?
A. Click Next while the program is searching for Paratext projects on the machine causes Transcriber to abort the search. Please allow the search to complete if you would like to associate the project you are creating with a Paratext project.

Q. Why doesn’t clicking on ellipsis inside project avatar produce a contextual menu (TT-377)?
A. The menu is available by right-clicking on the ellipses.

Q. Why is Synched available when Paratext in not installed or associated?
A. If Paratext is not available, reviewed tasks will show under review because they are not synched. If Paratext is available and they program is set to “auto synch”, the transcriptions will synch to Paratext and then they the tasks will be listed with the synched filter.

Q. Why doesn’t a user with “Admin” as a name get shown in the list of project user (TT-362)?
A. The word “Admin” is somewhat of a reserved word. Please avoid using it in the name of users.

Q. Why isn’t the File not found message box localized to my chosen language (TT-352)?
A. This dialog is presented by the operating system. Please use the Windows regionalization controls to set the Windows environment to your desire language too.

Q. Why can’t I localize Transcriber into my desired language?
A. Additional languages can be added for localization on the crowdin site. If the language you would like to add is not listed, please contact the development team and we can add it. You will need to do the translation for this language and then we can release a hot fix for the program that includes the additional language.

Q. What should I do if I don’t like the way a particular string has been translated?
A. Consider contributing the suggested translation on the crowdin site and letting us know. We can rebuild the program and release a hot fix with the adjusted translations.

Q. Why doesn’t the localized translation fit on the button or pane so it is clearly visible (TT-231)?
A. Consider contributing the suggested translation on the crowdin site and letting us know. We can rebuild the program and release a hot fix with the adjusted translations.

Q. Why can the project title or transcription entry box be resized so it overlaps with other controls (TT-285)?
A. The project title may be resized vertically for long titles although we recommend using short one word titles for projects so they will fit on top of the project image control.

Q. Why can I create a project name with hash (#) and ampersand (&) characters (TT-280)?
A. These characters are not being converted into the xml data storage. Please avoid using these characters in project and user names.

Q. Why doesn’t the Add Many summary report show up in my desired language (TT-276)?
A. Select the contents of the report and paste it into online translation software if the contents of the report isn’t clear.

Q. Why isn’t the last word saved when program closed (TT-188)?
A. Transcriptions are saved when the space bar is pressed or when the user logs out or after 60 seconds. If the program is closed quickly without one of these three cases being true, the last word will need to be typed again when the program is restarted.

Q. Why can Transcriber close with the Details pane displayed and changes are not saved (TT-184)?
A. Use the back button to close the panel and save before closing Transcriber.

Q. Why are changes I make on the User Settings window not saved (TT-180)?
A. The user settings window has a save button. Please click the save button before leaving the window if you want the changes saved.

Q. Why does my antivirus software treat “Transcribe.Windows.exe” as “Virus/Malware” (TT-138)?
A. Since it is not a widely used program, the antivirus software may not be aware of it. Please add an exception for the Transcriber in the anti-virus software.

Q. Why can’t I use Transcriber on Windows 7 (TT-91)?
A. Transcriber runs on Windows 10 (or Ubuntu or Wasta Linux). The Linux version will be made available upon request. Please let us know if you need it.

Q. Why can users I create for one project see transcription work for another project?
A. Currently users created in the 1.0 version can work on all the projects. They do not need to be specifically added to each project. Creating a user in any project allows them to work on all and it is not a good idea to create separate users for the same person to work on different projects.