Networked WeSay?

I got some more great questions this morning: “Couldn’t we just put a WeSay front-end onto FLEx (FieldWorks Language Explorer)? It uses the same underlying stuff, doesn’t it?” Nothing is currently shared. WeSay is designed for really cheap, tough, low-wattage computers. “Okay, it’s set up for one… Read More

WeSay for the Mac?

We’ve received the second request for a Mac version: How hard would it be to compile on the Mac? Seems like it couldn’t be that hard, could it, since your aim is cross-platform? At the worst, it could run in X Windows, where GTK+ supposedly works. GTK+ is not… Read More

A Little UML

WeSay has never claimed (or intended) to do “Extreme Programming“. While we are into the goals of Agile processes, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. For example, we are doing a fair bit of… Read More

Orthography Development with WeSay

John Duerksen, who is working with a cluster of Bantu languages, gave us a load of ideas for how WeSay might fit into their process. I have to write up my notes anyhow, so I’ll do it here in case it sparks discussion. John helped… Read More

CTC 2006 Presentation

Whew. I’m getting too old for international conferences, or at least ones that entail a full week and a 12 hour time shift. I just returned yesterday from North Carolina, and of course my head is brimming with bloggable things. But first, here’s a link to… Read More

New Screenshots

We’ve been pumping out a bunch of new features in the last few weeks… it’s been great to have a long run without technical snags, for a change. Some new features include: Multiple scripts per field Admin can select which fields are visible for each task Admin can select which… Read More

Introducing the Dashboard

Since it’s been awhile since we’ve blogged, I figured I’d give a little status report. We just finished getting the dashboard task to be functional. The dashboard displays the current task as well as a list of available tasks that the user can select. It also provides a short description… Read More


I am dictating this blog using Microsoft Vista’s built in speech recognition. I have been using speech recognition for over five years now, and I’m very excited about the quality I’m seeing. Back to WeSay… It’s obviously important that people can easily change the user interface of WeSay to use… Read More

Still Alive

No, we haven’t expired, just gotten lazy about blogging. Maybe it would help if we ever got comments (hint hint). Anyways, here is a five-minute blog just to list some of what we should have been blogging about: We have switched, for the time being, from GTK# to Windows Forms. Read More

This Isn’t Prototype Anymore

Thanks to Cathy, we now have a revamped skin on our wiki. We also have acquired <wesay.org> so update your bookmarks. I have been working on two areas of WeSay. The first is our data access layer. Db4o provides a read only IList when queried. Read More