Which WeSay?

Our approach to software development requires that we “ship early, ship often”. We listen carefully to you, and try to quickly respond to your requests (though at this point, we’re way behind on many requests for new capabilities). The down-side of this approach was that the newest version is not… Read More

New Dashboard

It’s been a wild year for our team, and if all you do is follow this blog, you’d think we disappeared. Eric has moved to Microsoft (lucky them!), I’ve moved from Thailand to the USA and then Papua New Guinea, and two new guys have joined our team in Thailand. Read More

WeSay on the Eee 900

The Eee is, so far, the best selling of the new wave of 4P computers; laptops which are characterized by low Price, adequate Performance, Portability, and low electrical Power requirements. Now, this is no OLPC; it costs around $500 and isn’t as rugged. It does not aim at the same… Read More

Using WeSay from Other Applications

Recently, we were asked to make a way for a user of a translation program to make use of WeSay, without leaving the program they’ve been trained on. The native speaker-user will want to: See which words are missing from the dictionary, and add them along with a definition. Jump… Read More

Add Semantic Domains using WeSay

WeSay now lets the user edit the semantic domains of a sense from the Dictionary Browse and Edit tab, as an alternative to gathering words using the Gather by Semantic Domain task. To see how this works, let’s add some… Read More

Simple and Advanced Sorting

One of the last big features for version 1 of WeSay has been in a for while. Someone (I won’t mention any names) did a great job on it but didn’t blog about it. So I’ll see if I can do it justice. In this screen shot, we see the… Read More

Configuration Tool Remodel

One of the benefits of being stuck at home recovering from Dengue Fever is I feel like it’s ok to splurge a bit on stuff that I want to do, rather than have to do. For example, while we have always put a lot of effort into… Read More

Pictures in Dictionary Entries

I’ve been working on simple support for pictures in WeSay: When you choose a picture, it is copied to the pictures sub-folder of the WeSay folder. So everything stays together. Some more things to do someday:… Read More

Updated Roadmap

We’ve updated the WeSay Roadmap, here. Primarily, we’re aiming to finish up Relations (which support sub-entries), Sorting, and Internationalization. We hope the sorting is simple for the 80% of folks who need nothing more than what you can do in Toolbox, but extensible for those languages which… Read More

Email My Work

It’s really satisfying to arrive at a stage where we can put some of the icing on the WeSay cake. Our next build will include a feature we’ve talked about from day one. This lets a user send his project data to his adviser without any training in: Finding the… Read More