Lazy NodeStore

Our prototype is finally starting to shape up. I spent the past few days figuring out how to do lazy loading into a GTK TreeView. Normally, you would pass all the data to the TreeStore which would then be the… Read More

Towards a Prototype

As we have written before, we are beginning our project by checking out the technical feasibility of running a graphical, mono based dictionary application on the most demanding of a target platforms, the OLPC. Now, we can’t actually get an… Read More


Now that I’ve finished with the big tasks related to getting our web presence up, I finally got to code some today. Mainly about getting my process down, I installed NUnit and began creating a class to help John determine how long a process takes only to find that .NET… Read More

31 Flavors, 400 Volts, and 1 Million of Anything

This afternoon, Eric and I first went shopping for office plants, then did a Thai language study session in the nearby ice cream shop. Doesn’t sound like we were working very hard, does it? Here’s our excuse: It started out just before lunch, when the power went out. No big… Read More

Light at the End of this Tunnel

We started out the day today with our goal of getting our test app running on mono on OLPC. Mono doesn’t come with the OLPC distribution so we will need to add it. This led us to try to download the OLPC RPM image (since it comes with RPM and… Read More

The Slog Continues

Normally, software development really is fun. So much so, we sometimes neglect the parts that aren’t fun. Recognizing this, we decided upfront to tackle the high risk and no fun parts of this project, rather than put them off. On the no-fun front, we (mostly Eric) has been dueling with… Read More

New Wiki and Blog

This morning we decided to not continue the fight with our confluence installation and have instead switched to use WordPress for our blog and MediaWiki for our wiki. John is switching our content over now. “Come on, confluence, stay up just a little longer and then you can rest in… Read More

Shiny New Logo

Reading over our first two blog entries, I realize that we haven’t explained our work context here. While we are getting help from people in both Calgary and California, Eric and I are co-located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Michael is also here as our first college intern, and Alan is… Read More


The homepage finally looks decent (we’re hoping a graphic artist will take it the extra mile) along with a bunch of introductory material coming along nicely thanks to John. He has had a real bear with trying to customize Confluence to be nice and friendly as Confluence keeps bombing on… Read More

Web Site Up (sorta)

WeSayHome.org is almost usable. Special thanks to Visa and Eric. We’ll be using JIRA for issue tracking (requests, bugs, tasks, etc.). Today Eric got MySQL running as the back-end for Confluence and JIRA. top… Read More