The following is a list of features missing from FieldWorks Language Explorer. It is not a comprehensive list, but it may help you decide whether to wait before taking advantage of Language Explorer. Please refer to the download page for the version designated for more details about the latest features added, and for a discussion of known issues with each release.

More feature and improvement requests are stored on our JIRA issue tracking system. You can view more information there.


  • Tracking the user who created and modified the data
  • Global orthography changer (global find and replace)
  • Task pane which can set up views and walk you through a series of tasks, such as the Dictionary Development Process
  • Integrated features with other FieldWorks programs (e.g. concordance searches in Paratext)
  • Saving filters
  • OR filters


  • Export concordance view to HTML/Microsoft Word

Grammar and Parser

  • Derivational affix glossing assistant
  • Paradigms

See the endnotes of the Conceptual Introduction to FLEx Grammar for details and longer-range goals.

Interlinear Text

  • Import of interlinear texts in standard format including word analyses
  • Export of selected annotation lines for charting in Microsoft Excel or other programs
  • Tagging phrases (partially done)
  • Add custom annotation lines
  • Manually edit the text segment breaks (segments are currently based on a guess at sentence boundaries)
  • Better integration of the morphological parser into the interlinearizing task
  • More discourse analysis tools, such as participant tracking.
  • Transcription support
  • Setting to allow words with one analysis to be pre-approved.


  • Enhanced support of variants, combined with Paradigms.
  • Link to a segment of a sound file (currently only to a complete sound file)
  • Multiple customized views (there is currently just one, customizable lexical entry view)
  • Lexicon statistics tool.