31 December 2010
Annapurna SIL

Initial release 1.0

First public release under the SIL Open Font License.… read more

16 November 2010

Release v1.504

Changes in this release: Added codepage bits for 1251 (Cyrillic), 1257 (Windows Baltic), 1258 (Vietnamese) Download the newest release packages from the Download Page. Download v1.504 of the release p… read more

12 November 2010

SayMore 0.5 Now Available

We’ve just released version 0.5 of SayMore. As with all odd-valued releases, we assume this is beta-quality. Please download it here, and let us know your experiences with it, good or bad. Here are … read more

5 November 2010

Solid 0.13 Released

A new version of Solid is available. You can download it here. Solid 0.13 improves the export to Lift to support version 0.13 of the Lift format, currently used by WeSay and FLEx. Other fixes include:… read more

6 October 2010

SayMore 0.3 Now Available

SayMore 0.3 is now available for Download. The major changes are: Custom Fields, with auto-type ahead. You can now add new Genres. In 0.1, we called a recording and its associated files a Session. In … read more

2 July 2010

Preview Now Available

We’re pleased to announce the beginning of the “preview” phase of SayMore. To get it, head over to the Downloads page. Expect to see new versions coming out regularly from now on. This stage is … read more

21 June 2010

Using the Internet to Collaborate on a Dictionary

WeSay is the best tool for collaborating with others on collecting and describing words, whether you are in the same village or across the world or both. Here’s a guide to setting up collaboration u… read more