The SIL Transcriber allows an individual or team to transcribe and upload multiple tasks from multiple projects to Paratext or other applications. Version 1 will install sample data. Once the user is familiar with the operation of the program, this sample project can be deleted. The screens now have a help icon for context sensitive help.

The program has been localized into 10 languages. A Crowdin site allows translators to contribute localized strings to the program. (The Download page contains a PDF with a more detailed descriptions of getting setup and using the program: connecting up the foot pedal, etc.) There is a separate document describing the steps for connecting the foot pedal to the program.

The Admin user can point at the image and left click to get to the project settings screen or they can point at the button with the three dots (ellipse) in the upper right corner of the project image and right click to change the project image, delete a project or create a new project,

The Roadmap is given on the developer page on this site.

The discourse site is available for users to propose feature improvements or receive help from other users or the development team.

Known issues

  • Ending the transcription with a space ensures the last word is saved. Normally the transcription and position is saved when the user closes the program even if the transcription has not been submitted for review.
  • On the User Settings screen, which has a Save button, it must be used to save any changes whereas on all other screens changes are saved automatically.
  • For Paratext projects, Scripture reference ranges will be in the format GEN 1:1-5 (book, chapter, verse range).
  • Users can work on all projects but should only be created in one project.
  • Deleting a task will remove (destroy) its meta data (when it was created, who worked on it, etc.)

Completed issues

  • General:TT-74 Dropdown list overlapping in user setting
  • General:TT-289 Todo list can be filtered
  • General:TT-290 Add Sample Project to installer
  • General:TT-350 Installer branding
  • General:TT-363 Adding an icon to open context sensitive help.
  • General:TT-375 Keep Transcriptions from being lost, fix folder server
  • General:TT-378 Add Help icon to open context sensitive Help
  • Project:TT-209 Adjust postion of edit pencil position
  • Project:TT-269 Keep buttons on the bottom of the screen
  • Project:TT-281 Resizing or maximizing produces the Projects name in different positions
  • TaskPanel:TT-206 Available task list various combinations displaying.
  • TaskPanel:TT-255 Clicking ToDo highlights the task panel with the ToDO list
  • TaskPanel:TT-289 My Tasks can be filtered to see completed work
  • TaskPanel:TT-354 Nav panel perform as expected
  • TaskPanel:TT-370 Transcriber task on his pane with Review status
  • TaskPanel:TT-372 Transcribed tasks appear for review
  • TaskPanel:TT-373 Categories appear as chips on task panel
  • TaskPanel:TT-374 Empty task list still shows
  • UI:TT-155 Dropdown overlapping
  • UI:TT-209 Adjust pencil position to middle
  • UI:TT-281 Keep buttons at the bottom of Task and User panel
  • UI:TT-353 Remove red underlines when clicking user name
  • UI:TT-390 Delete the only project on computer gives undesired screen