We are happy to announce the release of beta version of SIL Transcriber 2.0. It is a web app but also provides a Desktop Extension for those who need to be able to work offline without an Internet connection. These are some of the key features that were missing in version 1 but have been included in version 2:

  • identity: online and offline
  • help: online and offline
  • Paratext online API
  • Working collaboratively on multiple computers: on Internet, offline
  • transcriptions conventions: timestamps, alternatives
  • commenting reviews
  • Identifying the language and picking the language (picking)

The web version provides a lot of collaborative features so that as team members work on transcribing on multiple machines, they can see the work being accomplished by other team members. Work is automatically saved every 30 seconds to prevent loss. The history of the work on a passage can be viewed. Either the administrator can assign work to team members (which is especially important if they will be working offline) or team members can assign the next available task to themselves.

Here is a detailed list of all the items completed in the latest release:

    TT-1308 Don't autosave comments (#341)
    display referenced help
    TT-1244 Desktop ext help (#340)
    TT-1010 Refresh transcroption on new selection (#339)
    * also speed up typing
    TT-1289 Allow multiple rejections (#338)
    TT-1292 After offline add (#337)
    * fixes deep linking
    Feature/speed plan save (#305)
    * Send all changed sections and passages at once
    TT-1268 Switch to: TRANSCRIBER will save changes or ask if you want to save them
    TT-1009 Stop submit while playing (#336)
    TT-1294 Update state on assign and submit (#335)
    TT-1299 sort play then section (#334)
    TT-1176 TT-1297 state on submit (#332)
    TT-1254 Use latest token (#333)
    fix Log Out wording
    TT-1199 change alert messages for export (#330)
    * let user know that file is being created
    * let user know that download is beginning.
    TT-462 Fix toolbar for plan area (#331)
    TT-1263 No Offline duplicates (#328)
    TT-1248 Export Type cancel (#327)
    TT-1172 Add Incomplete to history (#326)
    TT-1163 Update history (#324)
    TT-1115 unselect user (#323)
    TT-1243 Look busy during upload (#322)
    TT-1149 Add Project title after plan (#321)
    TT-1288 Don't edit org in app (#320)
    TT-1225 transcriber autosave (#317)
    * handle more selection cases
    when switching projects, select within the project
    sort selected item into primary (first) position (#319)
    TT-1287 update icon and tip (#318)
    TT-1272 Internet connection status (#316)
    TT-1238 context (#315)
    * handle navigation when in another language
    * first select assigned items
    TT-1188 remove issues creating warnings (#314)
    put snag id in environment (#313)
    use token for online check (#312)
    * force data reload when crashing and logging out