The SIL Transcriber 2 development team is happy to announce the 0.8.8 release. It is a web app but also provides a Desktop Extension for those who need to be able to work off line without an Internet connection. Unfortunately, the Desktop Extension for Windows is not building so this release currently only has a version available for Linux (snap and the Debian release). This release includes a simpler way to begin working. If a section is unassigned, anyone can begin transcribing any passage in the section and it will be assigned to them. Also the .ogg audio file format is now supported. There were also many bug fixes. Here is a detailed list of the changes:

  • TT-1516 Auto Assign (#457)
  • TT-1514 support ogg audio format (#458)
  • TT-1500 update language picker
  • TT-1443 Report production errors
  • Fixes refresh (#456)
  • Fix path for data reset