16 November 2012

WeSay on Linux

WeSay is available for older versions of the Linux Ubuntu distribution, Lucid being the most recent. There are two releases available, wesay-stable and wesay. The wesay release is our development rele… read more

15 November 2012

Announcing WeSay 1.3

Here’s what’s new in WeSay 1.3, which Windows users can download here: WeSay 1.3.78 for Windows MSI | 21 MB | 17 May 2013 Display glosses in Gather by Semantic Domain Task If you configu… read more

8 November 2012

445 Page Grammar Book Produced via XLingPaper Published

Uppsala Universitet has recently published The Gilaki Language, a 445 page book. This is an English translation and expansion of the original work Giljanskij jazyk by V.S. Rastorgueva, A.A. Kerimova, … read more

25 October 2012
Annapurna SIL

Release 1.100

This release adds support for additions to The Unicode Standard versions 5.2 and 6.0. Added glyphs (with OpenType and Graphite support) from the Devanagari block 0900, 093A..093B, 094E..094F, 0955..09… read more

3 October 2012

Version 2.20.0 Released

The main highlights are: Add ability to produce an EBook in EPUB format (requires installing Calibre). See section 11.43 “Produce an EBook in EPUB Format” in the User Documentation. Add ca… read more

1 August 2012

Release 1.004

The only change in this maintenance release is a change in the Graphite feature identifiers from integers to 4-character alphanumeric tags. This was required because although Mozilla Firefox has now i… read more

5 July 2012

Version 2.19.0 Released

The main highlights are: Add command to convert selected text to a langData element. See section 11.41 “Convert selected text to langData” in the User Documentation. Add command to convert… read more

3 July 2012

Things SayMore Does Not Do

We want to save you time if SayMore isn’t for you, so we’ll try to keep this page up to date with things folks have asked about that they can’t do with SayMore. SayMore Does Not… …run on Mac… read more

9 June 2012

New WeSay Screencasts

David Rowbory in Nigeria has contributed five screen-casts he made to help people he has taught to use WeSay. Thanks David! Do you have videos or other materials you could share with the rest of us?… read more

24 April 2012

Announcing WeSay 1.2

Here’s what’s new in WeSay 1.2, which Windows users can download here: WeSay 1.2.12 for Windows MSI | 21 MB | 07 Oct 2016 Improved FLEx Collaboration We have made various changes to smoo… read more

5 March 2012

Solid 0.16 Release

A new version of Solid is available. You can download it here. Solid 0.16 adds a Writing Systems tool for bulk changing of the writing systems settings. Other fixes include: Writing Systems exceptions… read more

4 January 2012

Version 2.18.0 Released

The main highlights are: Improved the default PDF output: added a way to hyphenate based on the language of the document. See section 11.39 “Get the default PDF output to hyphenate for a non-Eng… read more